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SoilSpy is based on an unique and patented sensing technology providing an innovative approach to soil analyses as well as fertilization and thereby enabling a new way of farming

Multiple parameters on field

With our hand-held mobile device soil analyses of multiple customizable parameters can be pursued on field simultaneously - With one sensor chip we can measure the nutrients of your interest from Nitrate, Potassium and Phosphor to trace elements

Precise and fast results

We measure in mmol range and deliver results within several seconds - With SoilSpy you can skip the waiting period for laboratory results and directly apply fertilizer according to the nutrient level of your soil


SoilSpy enables multiple savings for farmers with costs of only 1/8 of usual lab analyses, fertilizer reduction by 7% and yield increase by 6%, additionally we can save up to 50% of soil analysis processing costs for service providers


SoilSpy can contribute significantly to the reduction of nitrogen in ground water, which is with 28% polluted ground water one of the greatest environmental issues of today

About Soilspy

SoilSpy is a nano-electronic based sensor system, which is able to analyze the concentration of multiple elements in liquids simultaneously. The sensor chip contains an array of sensors, which are each functionalized towards a specific nutrient and produced in a high volume spray process. As substrate serves a plastic foil making the chip highly cost-efficient. The sensor is integrated into a hand-held device enabling a user-friendly and cost efficient soil analysis directly on field.
Based on the measurement results and plant specific fertilization recommendations the farmer can not only adjust fertilizer accordingly and reduce costs, but also maximize his yield. Additionally, SoilSpy contributes to environmental protection as nitrate concentrations in ground water can be reduced through optimized fertilization.
Beside the core product, the soil analysis device, the team develops a small weather station, which contains among other things temperature, humidity and soil salinity sensors.

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We are a strong and motivated team complimenting each other in our skills and working towards our joint vision
Vijay Deep Bhatt

Vijay Deep Bhatt

Sensor Development and Production

PhD candidate in bio sensors and solution- based processing
Professional work experience as software developer

Werner Emer

Werner Emer

Electronics Development and Programming

Master Candidate Electrical and Computer Engineering
Work experience in the field of sensor and electronics development

Ellen Emken

Ellen Emken

Financial Planning, Marketing & Sales

Master Candidate Technology and Management
Work and project experience through dual studies and Manage&More scholarship

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